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Be Happy

When I went to the grocery store today, I darted into the cat food isle to avoid a large group of people ^^; . There, I saw cutest bag of cat food. It’s called, “Be Happy”. I’m not sure what any of the claims, flavors, or benefits of it are for cats though. I just like the design of the bag :D .

cat food

I don’t have a cat, and I’m not really the sort of person to be swayed into purchase food items based on cuteness, so I snapped a couple of photos.

behappy01 behappy02
behappy04 behappy05

Ahhh! It almost makes me wish I had a kitten until I remember babysitting for people with cats… vicious cats…

So, I’ll just be satisfied looking at photos and drawings of cute cats and kittens online :3 . Plus, I have Lunches and she’s all the cute I need until I can find a piggy friend for her!

Please excuse how rushed today’s capstone is. I’m working on commissions but really want to keep up with frequent posts :) .


Oh my goodness this baby and momma Sitatunga are so adorable! They are like fluffy baby deer! So cute and timid . . . :kiss:
So cuuuuute!
I :heart: the site Zooborns. It has a lot of adorable newborn animals featured in a blog style format. I could spend all day fawning over the photos there.