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bodycology wild poppy sample

A few days ago I received a bodycology sample and coupon in the mail! When it arrived it was a surprise. I don’t think I’ve ever actually got any samples I’ve sent away for. Yet, there it was and with a $1 off coupon to boot! :3

The sample was a .25oz packet of Wild Poppy Nourishing Cream. The fragrance was light and floral and it reminded me of Clinique’s Happy. It was an average lotion for nourishing. The product moisturized but it wasn’t any better than regular scented lotion.

I don’t think I’d buy this product. I’m never too impressed by bodycology scents. To me their Vanilla Cupcake Body Mist smells like warm Play-Doh.

Nostalgic? Yes.
What I want to smell like? No.

It is the same with the Wild Poppy Nourishing Cream. While it isn’t bad it just isn’t the sort of thing I would want to smell like :X .

That being said… I still have that $1 off coupon XP .

On the subject of floral scents…

waterlilies1 waterlilies2
waterlilies3 waterlilies4

I snapped a few photos of water lilies in a lobby this week. They looked so pretty and bright! They made me wish I had some of my own but I don’t have the room or the knowledge to care for them. So, I’ll just have to look :3 .

Look for the return of capstones, giveaways, and drawings next week!

St. Valentine’s Day

What a holiday. Even though it is only 2:00am here it is on my mind. I suppose it is mostly because every time I bring up I’m greeted with their clever little logo, “Gxogle“. Last year this day I took a test in some class or another. This year I have to go to my fancy job.

It was so sweet to see men out yesterday buying loved ones flowers and big stuffed teddy bears and gorillas. To see people putting effort into relationships is heartwarming :heart: .

A rather fitting if not somewhat optimistic reproduction fortune cookie fortune.