August 20th, 2014 by ducky


Yesterday I was trying to determine if my Wacom pen was broken or not (I’m still not sure). So, I thought that while I had a migraine it was a good idea to work on some detailed backgrounds for something important.

Naturally, that wasn’t going to well, so I started working on this, Celeste, or Celestial Queen (sounds like a ship though so let’s just go with Celeste).

The pen is definitely broken but it is functional occasionally. Considering the amount of time and how angry I was at the pen I’d say the drawing turned out great. The background is a little to dark to sell as a print so I might tweak it a bit a post it on my redbubble shop later.

Commissions are still open…

August 19th, 2014 by ducky


/// edit:
Wacom Pen miraculously seems to be working again? I’m really not sure why the eraser stopped working for a bit and then I tested out some old pens from other tablets. Turned off the touch settings (which continually turn themselves back on) and the pen is working again…

My Wacom Intuos5 pen is broken XP ! I was working on commissions and the next morning it was behaving strangely. It is over sensitive and selecting things it shouldn’t. The only way I made it through the last few commissions was by using the the eraser to select and edit nodes in Microsoft Expression. It was a little clunky but manageable (the eraser side is about the size of my pinky and lacks the fine tip of a normal pen). Unfortunately, all other art programs recognize it as an eraser so no editing in Adobe Illustrator, no Photoshop Elements, and no Krita.

Replacement pens cost a bit more than I’m willing to part with at the movement so I’m just doing everything by mouse and by eraser and it is taking forever.

Commissions are still open.
I’m just moving a little slower than I’d like.

It always seems like when one thing goes wrong everything starts going wrong but I am determined to not let it get me down or at least not for too long.

Foxi Collection

August 13th, 2014 by ducky

foxi-cream-pillow foxi_stripe foxi-teal-pillow
foxi-cream-tote foxi_stripe_tote foxi-teal-tote

This is my foxi collection at Redbubble. The collection features the aptly named Foxi the Fox. I had a lot of fun drawing this little vixen and I thought I should share her with everyone.

My favorite are clearly the totes and the throw pillows but the stickers are pretty cute too.


I would love to make totes and order in bulk if there was a market for them and include little Foxi charms with the bag with my own label on the inside… but I honestly would have no idea how to go about doing that so this will be it for now :) .

If you see anything you like please order!