Day Trip: Quarry Hill Winery

August 24th, 2014 by ducky





I went to the Quarry Hill Winery in Berlin Heights! Since I almost never travel I thought I would post some photos.

They aren’t the best photos as I was a little embarrassed to be taking them.

I’d like to go back, take some better photos, and visit the apple orchard down the hill someday.

Whisper in the Wall

August 21st, 2014 by ducky


I started (and stopped) working on this image months (maybe years) ago. The idea was to self publish a children’s book. Then I looked into it and realized it was just impractical. Nothing I make really sells so I just couldn’t fathom going through with it. I only ever worked on the cover and a another page. It was more like a short graphic novel…

Even though the cover isn’t really finished or up to snuff I really liked some of the details, like the lamp light on the wall, the peeling wallpaper, and the picture hanging in on the wall. I tried to make the hall seemed curved eerie and unnatural…

I even found the sketch I made when I was doodling up ideas!



August 20th, 2014 by ducky


Yesterday I was trying to determine if my Wacom pen was broken or not (I’m still not sure). So, I thought that while I had a migraine it was a good idea to work on some detailed backgrounds for something important.

Naturally, that wasn’t going to well, so I started working on this, Celeste, or Celestial Queen (sounds like a ship though so let’s just go with Celeste).

The pen is definitely broken but it is functional occasionally. Considering the amount of time and how angry I was at the pen I’d say the drawing turned out great. The background is a little to dark to sell as a print so I might tweak it a bit a post it on my redbubble shop later.