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Everytime I try to post on wordpress it is a struggle. It’s almost as if my own webhost is limiting my ability to upload images. As an artist this is a bit problematic. . .

The Mystery Days of Christmas

Mystery Days of Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to apologize for editing this a million times. I forgot how finicky any wordpress editor is other than classic. To be completely honest I switched to HTML just because I knew what would show up if I edited in that and it still changed my breaks to paragraphs when I saved. So, I had to go home and edit in classic mode. Even though the post was only intended to be one sentence and a video. ✌


Look at this hamster!

Twenty-eighteen is almost over.

Happy Holidays

Here is my annual recap…starting in September?

I quit my job of five years in September for a better opportunity. I’m still in shock that the food service / hospitality chapter of my life is over. I haven’t been there back since. Before I left I made promises that I would stop in to visit, but I can’t bring myself to go back. There were a lot of traumas that I endured before I left. Everytime I drive past I feel a twinge of guilt.

The months of October and November were spent adjusting to various changes. My days were filled with work, fretting over every decision, and strangely enough shopping.

In December I was able to relax and visit Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens. Seeing the grounds at night lit up by over one million lights was amazing. It was well worth trudging around in the chilly weather.

I also was able to visit, Donzell’s, a garden center decorated for Christmas with winter themed dioramas. They also sell assorted holiday items. It might not be as fantastic as “one million lights” decking an industrial tycoon’s estate but it brings back fond memories from my childhood.

The last few months of 2018 were actually great for me personally and I hope 2019 improves for everyone. I know the current state of the world terrifies a lot of people.

2018 Update

There isn’t a capstone for this update. Instead, have this quick otter animation.