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Positively 4th Street


I purchased this necklace the other day (when I bought the Nerds). It was $1.98 marked down from $7.98. Which I’m pretty certain means it contains lead or the little stones fall out when the glue heats up to body temperature. It was too cute to ignore though. It kind of cheered me up too. I was a mess and sobbing almost the entire day, including when I was leaving work, shopping, and drinking my coffee :cry: .

Today, I think I’m a little better. Too often people act with absolutely no regard to others.

Bird Detail

Going back to the idea of purchasing meaningless possessions to make myself feel better. I really like this perfume, L de Lolita Lempicka. I got a free sample of it two months ago in a .04 FL OZ. spray bottle. I can’t afford to buy the 1 FL OZ. so I just keep the spray bottle and the card it came with so I can smell a little of it when I sit at my desk. Lovely.

L de Lolita Lempicka



I bought a box of Nerds the other day for 98ยข. Joy. I loved getting these for trick-or-treat on Halloween. Now I’m buying them for myself on Valentine’s Day ^^;.

As always, life could be worse. I’m just kind of stumbling around looking for “a real job”. Getting a lot of flack for not being gainfully employed and having no direction.

For the record. I would love to have a great job; however, I need experience. Magically finding the perfect job is unrealistic and I wish my family and friends would understand. I’d love to know exactly what I want and where I’m headed but as it stands I’m finding it hard to dream big when I know I can’t have what I want.