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Shop Style

MICHAEL Michael Kors, Wet Seal, Wet Seal, Wet Seal

I’ve known about for awhile now. Generally I remember it as, “that really cool site that lets me type the description of the clothes I want and it magically appears”, however I never could remember the name. I would type “style” in google and accidentally go to or However, now that I’ve made a stylebook I think I’ll remember the name a little better.

The above image is my first attempt at putting an outfit together in my stylebook (not that it is difficult). The photos look a lot clearer than my clothing photos. Much more clean and professional.

Now, I’m off to have more fun window shopping and favoriting clothes and accessories :3 !

Photo Sets


Spring seems to lift my spirit and encourage me to take photos again. I’ve been out wandering up and down the street taking photos of flowering trees and then coming home, over-processing them, and uploading them to flickr. I’m not particularly good at photography but I find it fun :) .



I started looking for dinnerware and cookware. I picked up some melamine Circo plates from Target. They were too adorable with the little fishes to ignore. Pink and coral are lovely colors and they go nicely with the teal dinnerware I picked up a few months back. So, I purchased four plates and shortly after buying them I saw a display of non-stick skillets at Walmart for $9.00. Perfect for curry, pierogies, and fried rice! I can’t wait for the opportunity to cook in a clean kitchen and serve on pretty plates.

About a month ago my basement flooded. I think I mentioned it on twitter but I doubt I posted about it here. Since then I’ve been slowly trying to rebuild my “wardrobe”. I will never again leave my dirty clothes on the floor. Anyways, I’ve decided to shop at places where I actually like the style, this includes Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Old Navy, and Forever 21. I’ve only bought a few shirts and skirts here and there. The prices are usually low but I like being selective.

Wet Seal Shirt Charlotte Russe Shirt
Wet Seal Skirt Old Navy Skirt
I really like white, pink, and floral prints.

So Serious.

So Serious
I imagined today’s capstone as a glorious giant animated .gif with wind flowing in her hair, spinning spokes, and peddling legs. but somehow I convinced myself I didn’t have the skill to animate her legs and gave up prematurely. TADA!

I do need to sleep occasionally.

My new little friend Lunches!

Never mind the :link: watermark. That is my tumblr account.

Hello, I must be going!

Lately, I feel like I’ve been doing sporadic little posts here and there. I actually do intend to make verbose posts but they eventually turn into one liners accompanied by photos or artwork. I remove a great deal of the text due to grammar, general errors, and lengthy rambling :link: . Today it’s mostly photos again!