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Migraine. Just uploading this capstone.



It’s late, I’m drawing, and I’ve got work and things to do. I had fun drawing this in lieu of a comic. There are stories I’d like to draw but I seem to always be busy.

Most days I’m convinced my computer is dead or in the process of doing so. I try to avoid doing anything that will cause it undue stress (such as drawing and watching movies simultaneously). I expect far too much of my computer.


If I Were Not…

a barrister
If I were not before the bar…
Something else I’d like to be
If I were not a barr-is-ter
An engine driver me!
With a chuff chuff chuff

“Inspecter Dim’s Song.” Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

I’m shocked I completed this before 3 am. I just noticed how bizarrely short and disproportionate I made him. Not that I normally draw humans proportional.

Shine a Light

Shine a Light
Shine a Light

I think I spent a day on the first panel alone. Now I don’t really care for it too much. I think the fourth panel might overshadow the others a little too much. I had such fun on the fourth panel it was easy to go overboard. I have no idea if I’ll even continue with my idea from the first panel. I might just conveniently forget whatever it was I was doing.

Actually, the second panel looks pretty dull too… but everything has an easy remedy.