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2010 has passed and I had no great adventures and never managed to become a person who had a goal or a plan :link: . I just muddled through. This year I’m lowering my expectations and making a smaller unreasonable list :laugh: .

This years unreasonable list.
:check: Wear a smaller size in jeans
:check: Replace phone or get fancy-dancy netbook.
:check: Go to the zoo.
:check: Eat healthier.
:check: Get organized.

Forget being social. I’m giving all attempts at being human up.





Happy New Year

The Adventures of Amelia

I’ve been drawing some adventures for Amelia Pond to go on as a child. Calvin and Hobbesish. She speaks of Amy and the Raggedy Doctor’s travels… I probably won’t upload. I envision my job getting more painful as my boss has began openly complaining about my ability to my slightly subordinate coworkers. So, I suppose I’ll have to do better than my best to continue to earn less then the rest. Joy.