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second Iwako Eraser Puzzle Winner!

The winner of the second Iwako Eraser Puzzle Giveaway has been selected!

The winner is Entry #13 mei!



Please excuse the lack of updates. The past three weeks have been a bit abnormal. Between Lunches, commissions, and family emergencies I’m a bit wiped out.

I snapped some photos at and around the hospital. They aren’t the best quality as they were snapped quickly with my phone but I thought some of them looked interesting.



Forgive my reflection in the coffee machine.
It seems I’m always catching my reflection in things at the hospital ^^;.

Goodnight Lunches

My guinea pig, Lunches, became ill and passed away. It was shocking and completely unexpected. I’m saddened by the sudden loss of my constant companion and I will miss her wheeks of joy and spontaneous popcorning.

When she wasn’t sleeping Lunches favorite activity was floor time even though she often would just snuggle on a blanket or towel. She also enjoyed jumping out of laps when she was ready for a new activity. Most of all Lunches loved her pigloo. So much so that she was laid to rest with it…

Goodnight Lunches
She is loved and will be missed.