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Fallout 4 is coming out soonish and while there is no way I’ll be playing it in the foreseeable future… I’m excited about it. I’ve tried to keep away from articles that might spoil parts of the game for me. With the exception of the Fallout Shelter game I’ve done a pretty good job so far.

I’m not even sure how much has been released about the story line or game play.

Which is odd since I intend to watch others play it. I’m not trying to save the experience for myself in 10 years when I buy an XBOX One or PS4, I know better than that, I just want to be a little surprised.

So, today’s capstone is injured vault girl from dim-lit Vault-42.

injured-vault-girl vault-door-42 nuka-cola_b


There is probably another capstone with the title “battle”.

I was going to become verbose about my inspiration for this capstone… but… I’ll just leave a list for you:
  • “Ice Station – Impossible!”- The Venture Bros.
  • World Shaking Attack – Sailor Uranus – Sailor Moon
  • Jean Grey – Red Phoenix – The Uncanny X-Men

Press “I” for Inventory

access_card_th multi_tool_th tool_belt_th


If you follow my private twitter you might have seen bits and pieces of this project. A minor accident kept me cooped up and off my feet for a few days. I wasn’t feeling the comic thing so I opened Illustrator and worked on some GUI and very simplistic maddening code. The result nothing playable, an unlisted video of game play, and a couple images no one will ever see.