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Donations Piggum / Stock


A little donations pig for my page.

I know I haven’t been posting as prolifically as I did in December. I’ve been looking into creating stock images for sale at iStock or shutterstock. A few years ago I looked into it but I never signed up anywhere. Now that I am looking into it again I’ve (re)discovered some sites require an invitation and they all require a photocopy of your government issued identification to even start the process.

I have a feeling the exclusivity and mandatory identification turned me off at the time and I decided drawing gigs at fiverr was a better idea.

Making a handful of stock vectors sounds very appealing four years later…but I don’t really have a sense of what people want (see my redbubble account for proof of that). I know the gigs I had at fiverr were primarily images of people or kind caricatures. I spent a lot of time on hands trying to make them look cartoony yet realistic. I saw a lot of faces. Which doesn’t really transfer to stock images. I can draw people all day but if customization is what people want that seems like an impossibility on a stock site.

I have a few ideas… but as always if you would like me to draw something for you I would be happy to do so.