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Whisper in the Wall


I started (and stopped) working on this image months (maybe years) ago. The idea was to self publish a children’s book. Then I looked into it and realized it was just impractical. Nothing I make really sells so I just couldn’t fathom going through with it. I only ever worked on the cover and a another page. It was more like a short graphic novel…

Even though the cover isn’t really finished or up to snuff I really liked some of the details, like the lamp light on the wall, the peeling wallpaper, and the picture hanging in on the wall. I tried to make the hall seemed curved eerie and unnatural…

I even found the sketch I made when I was doodling up ideas!


Amadeus (Amadeus)

Amadeus (Amadeus)
Amadeus (Amadeus)
Amadeus B

As always this comic is based slightly on reality. It has been awhile since I’ve drawn anything so I was quite determined to complete “Amadeus (Amadeus)”.

A quick briefing on Falco – Rock Me Amadeus

I can remember watching Amadeus in primary school and absolutely loving it. It might have been because it was a period piece or the relationship between Salieri and Mozart or . . . maybe it was the scene in the insane asylum with the guy in the box. Who can be sure? But if you haven’t seen it I would recommend it. It won 8 Oscars :) .



After completing this drawing I found it a little too depressing. This would have been the third drawing including Tori from “The Arbitrary Life of Nictoria” but I was partially afraid that the image of a girl clutching a bloody rag to her arm might give people the wrong idea (mainly that it was her wrist and not her arm that was wounded). So, I removed the girl completely and am left with a weird looking sink. Classy.

It was created with Expression 3 and touched up on Adobe Photoshop Elements.

As for myself…

I’m alive, working, drawing a bit, pitching ideas to uninterested parties, and reading far too many comics.

Brain Failure


I’m recovering from massive migraine that hit me suddenly Monday evening. This has nothing to do with the fact that I’m slowly forgetting the tiny amount of Japanese I knew. I just went to write something for Iron Mouse to say and was unable to construct a sentence. Therefore, instead of posting the lovely image I initially created you get this monstrosity. The original can be found here :link: .

Your Sci-fi Girl


Oh, hello there. I was just staying up until 3am watching Max Headroom.

At the moment I’m watching S01E05 War. “Since when is the news entertainment?” Exactly Edison! Every time I turn on HLN I wonder the same thing…

Here are some screen captures from The Blanks Season 01 Episode 06. A gift from me to you. Low quality!

I was dreaming of the past…

…and my heart was beating fast :link: .

Oh, Imagine, I could listen to you forever if I didn’t have to scramble over the side of the speaker just to place the needle on the record.

I have particularly fancied Jealous Guy today :heart: . The lyrics hit close to home I suppose.

Lately, both Lennon and Harrison have been regulars on my turntable. To be fair it is either them or Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) and at the moment ELO is a bit too manic for my taste.