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I was dreaming of the past…

…and my heart was beating fast :link: .

Oh, Imagine, I could listen to you forever if I didn’t have to scramble over the side of the speaker just to place the needle on the record.

I have particularly fancied Jealous Guy today :heart: . The lyrics hit close to home I suppose.

Lately, both Lennon and Harrison have been regulars on my turntable. To be fair it is either them or Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) and at the moment ELO is a bit too manic for my taste.

Recipe Monster (an unlikely love story)


I imagined that, by this point in my life, I would have someone to cook for. As it happens I don’t and I don’t even have a functioning oven :( .

Well, that is only half true. I have a hand-me down toaster oven that is an approximate 0.25 Cu. Ft capacity. I do cook chicken, waffles, toast, 7 layer bars, and potatoes in it but in very small portions for many hours.

Last night (as well as Memorial Day), I made Tandoori Chicken in it. I’m fairly certain the recipe I used is the farthest thing from traditional Indian cooking but the food was delicious. The chicken took about 1 hour to bake and remained a little pink so I ended up popping it in the microwave for a bit just to be safe.

Tandoori(ish) Chicken 01

I’m not what you would call skilled in the kitchen but I am willing to learn and make food for people willing to sign waivers :link: .

Oh, there isn’t really a love story or recipes but there is a monster… lurking, somewhere.

^ Note: Cooking at home and at work are entirely separate realities. At work Ducky is an immaculate example of professionalism. It is at home where her skills are questionable due largely in part to faulty equipment and a serious case of the “who gives a damn I’m the only one who is going to consume it” itus. :link:

Cutesy Art

frog prince I drew this yesterday while watching a show on hulu. I was trying to express my sentiments via an adorable proxy. Mission achieved! The composition isn’t the best so I might alter it later. I am generally satisfied with the work.