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After completing this drawing I found it a little too depressing. This would have been the third drawing including Tori from “The Arbitrary Life of Nictoria” but I was partially afraid that the image of a girl clutching a bloody rag to her arm might give people the wrong idea (mainly that it was her wrist and not her arm that was wounded). So, I removed the girl completely and am left with a weird looking sink. Classy.

It was created with Expression 3 and touched up on Adobe Photoshop Elements.

As for myself…

I’m alive, working, drawing a bit, pitching ideas to uninterested parties, and reading far too many comics.


Nictoria Welcome to, “The Arbitrary Life of Nictoria”. This is a little cover work for a obviously non-existent comic starring a plucky little pink haired girl with and no purpose whatsoever.

I imagine the comic would be a comedy with a bit of romance thrown in. She works a dead end job as a waitress and has a pet hamster named Puddles.