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Please excuse the lack of updates. The past three weeks have been a bit abnormal. Between Lunches, commissions, and family emergencies I’m a bit wiped out.

I snapped some photos at and around the hospital. They aren’t the best quality as they were snapped quickly with my phone but I thought some of them looked interesting.



Forgive my reflection in the coffee machine.
It seems I’m always catching my reflection in things at the hospital ^^;.

Heritage Festival

The one thing I look forward to every year (aside from library book sales) is the Kent Heritage Festival :D ! This year it was held on July 7th and I attended it as usual despite temperatures that were pushing 100°F.

In years past the festival has occasionally had booths relating to the history of Kent but it is mostly an Independence Day event with local craft booths, food stalls, a car show, live music, and even fireworks.

Generally, it has the same booths every year, jewellery, sunglasses, tie-dye t-shirts, and cute stuffed animals made out of a sequined material.

There are other booths too, political parties, churches, and palm readers, but I never pay much attention to those.

This post is basically a photo dump of the Kent Heritage Fest’s car show :P . I found a booth I really liked at the festival but I’m waiting until I can write a more cognoscente post about it.

car show 01 car show 02 car show 03

car show 04 car show 05 vw karmann ghia 1

vw karmann ghia 2 Spoiled Gyro Spoiled Gyro 2

The photos here were taken with a new app I’m testing out on my android called pudding camera. I like the snapshot look of the photos.

Photo Sets


Spring seems to lift my spirit and encourage me to take photos again. I’ve been out wandering up and down the street taking photos of flowering trees and then coming home, over-processing them, and uploading them to flickr. I’m not particularly good at photography but I find it fun :) .



Some flickr photos of a similar nature :link:.