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After completing this drawing I found it a little too depressing. This would have been the third drawing including Tori from “The Arbitrary Life of Nictoria” but I was partially afraid that the image of a girl clutching a bloody rag to her arm might give people the wrong idea (mainly that it was her wrist and not her arm that was wounded). So, I removed the girl completely and am left with a weird looking sink. Classy.

It was created with Expression 3 and touched up on Adobe Photoshop Elements.

As for myself…

I’m alive, working, drawing a bit, pitching ideas to uninterested parties, and reading far too many comics.



It’s been over a month since I’ve posted something here and while I have been busy I haven’t really accomplished anything. I can report that there have been no illnesses, major purchases, incidents, alien abductions, close encounters, proposals, or arrests. Simply put my life is as ever much the same as it always was.

Today’s capstone is just a drawing I worked on this week. I thought about including some script but ultimately couldn’t come up with anything I felt fit. If it looks at all familiar (provided you are a regular) it may be because of this post :link: . It’s Tori from “The Arbitrary Life of Nictoria”. Look for upcoming appearances of Puddles the hamster :3 .