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Student Loans

Currently there are a bunch of fresh-faced kids out there roughly my age and if you are anything like me you don’t have a penny to your name and you have these horrifying things called student loans looming over your head. Not only are they looming but they come with threats.

Desperate Loans Entrance/ Exit Counseling
  1. If you default on your student loans Desperate Loans have the right to claim your first-born son.
  2. In the event you cannot make a payment if you notify Desperate Loans within 30 days only your 5th metacarpal will be forcibly removed.
  3. If you move be sure to notify Desperate Loans. If you don’t Desperate Loans will continually call your last known location and harass your family or whoever is unfortunate to live in your apartment after you.

No matter what loans you take via the government (in the United States anyways) you are asked for your nearest relatives and their locations so they can track you down when you do the inevitable and default on your loans. In addition to that, you are required to sell your soul and make payments of large increments until you die. Thankfully as a student or ex-student you do have some options.

  • Pay off your loans. It doesn’t sound glamorous but paying off your student loans for the next thirty years while your body slowly turns necrotic and amniotic fluid becomes poison is an option. Remember, most countries around the world are in debt, why shouldn’t you be?

  • Don’t pay off your loans. Go on the lamb baby! I’ve got a network set up! Put a rutabaga in your front window we’ll be coming for you in the morning. How do you feel about going off the grid and moving to Guam?

  • Get someone else to pay off you loans. Okay, it is just an idea. No one is going to pay off my loans for me, but maybe you are sassy with a devil-may-care attitude and can attract the sort of individual that would want to pay of your student loans it could be a valid option.

  • Become a professional student. Stay in school forever! Associates, Bachelors, screw those! You are going to get a P.H.D. no matter how long it takes.
“If you are a student you’ve graduated during a wonderful time in America’s history. Jobs are plentiful! So using your degree to obtain a profession in your field should be easy. Making those student loan payments shouldn’t be difficult at all. Remember you’ve got an edge over high school graduates; you have a degree from accredited university! “

Student loans are awful but it could be worse. Just remember to keep your chin up and look lively! Get a job as soon as possibly no matter where it is (or don’t quit your current position until you find a new one). Don’t look for your ideal career. Accept anything with a steady paycheck. In thirty years you will have paid everything off…maybe. Unless, that is of course you’ve got that rutabaga in your window…then you are just going to need 2 changes of clothes, a sleeping bag, and a roll of toilet paper.


snowday1 snowday3
snowday2 snowday4

Omg. There is lots of snow and there is more on the way. I have to laugh because the local university is still open despite a nearby county telling people to stay off the roadways. Good luck getting any students today. I’m glad I don’t have to go anymore :yay: .

After You’ve Gone

I’m trying to keep upbeat. Later today I’ve got somewhere to be! It’s so unusual. Since graduating I haven’t really had anything to do other than canvas the city with my résumé :lol: . It hardly has been successful but today…today that might change.

The prospect is entirely too exciting. I’m counting my chickens before they hatch or whatever the saying is but I can’t help it!

On another note I dropped my mobile on my bagel yesterday. (Mental note, don’t carry a plate with bagels, a cup, and your mobile all at once especially if said bagel is covered in cream cheese. ) The keitai strap is probably the most damaged and gross. I don’t even know how to go about cleaning it. Hrm. It’s got sentimental value but it also represents a bad point in my life so I can’t decide if I should toss it out or save it…


I started writing a blog that was far too political for me. I know that I should stop once I start trying to cite The Washington Times or the Associated Press. I’m felt very joyous earlier. Watching the sun rise over the Capitol was so lovely and yellow… I wish I could have gone to the inauguration but I’m pretty certain my horrible fear of giant crowds would have incapacitated me.

A lot of stuff happened today. It is kind of weird not being in class everyday and having the time to watch such an event. I’m glad I got the opportunity to witness it even if it was only on MSNBC.

I’m kind of curious what happened elsewhere. I dislike it when the news channels get so absorbed in one even they ignore all others. I know Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Byrd fell ill during the luncheon. Also around 52 minutes ago Obama stopped the trials in Guantanamo. As to events outside of Washington D.C I’m kind of in the dark but I suppose until tomorrow that is alright for now.


I thought I’d let anyone reading know that a spider fell out of the faucet in my bathroom today. It was terribly gross considering the water ran a few seconds before it tumbled out. It looked like a ball of something and then its little legs unfolded and it started to crawl away. I was just glad it wasn’t the kitchen sink where I get drinking water from. I immediately jumped away. I’m sure I had thoughts of Arachnophobia. Spiders crawling all over creation, through electrical outlets, and through tiny cracks in the wall trying to attack me.


I’m pretty certain we have large nasty spiders in our basement just like the movie (no wine though). I attacked the little thing myself before it could get me. I know I shouldn’t have but the weather outside wasn’t exactly appropriate to release it into the “wild”.

Lady Bongo

A saddening event occurred today. My 8 year old guinea pig Bongo passed away. She was the grand old matriarch of the house out living all of our other pets. We purchased, or rather, adopted her from a shabby looking pet store where she was penned with two other larger rowdy guinea pigs. Her little her ears looked like they had been nibbled, she was small, and terrified. We brought her home and put her in an aquarium with wood shavings (we quickly found out this would not do and that she needed a different environment). She had many friends over the years which included; Sana, Runt, and Scratches.


Bongo had been ill, but due to her age we knew it was likely her time. Her popcorning had all but stopped by her seventh year but she still was wheeking and happily munching on food up until her final day. She was very special and it is odd to think that she won’t be with us anymore.