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2009 Artworks

Here is a bit of what I have been up to since January. In between working, looking for a second job, and crying, I’ve been drawing. I’m working on a drawing at the moment but I can’t find any references for a particular scene I have in mind. It’s frustrating because certain gestures are difficult to imagine realistically. . .
I don’t recommend the slide show. It is pretty useless.

Mr. Senator

Today in the mail I got a letter from one of my state’s senators congratulating me for graduating.
Your skills, abilities, and knowledge will prove invaluable not only to you, but also to our state. —— is strengthened by every college graduate through the application of their skill and expertise. I appreciate your devotion to advancing yourself and the state, especially in the difficult circumstances we are face with today.

Lovely sentiment. At the moment I’m using my college degree to better a fast food establishment. I’m totally applying all my skills and advancing the state by fattening them up and taking their cash. Mr. Senator how about channeling some of your appreciation to get me a job in my field? If college degrees are so important and you want me to stay in the state how about creating some jobs or raising the minimum wage to the state’s estimated living wage?

Cheer Up, Murray

Haha. I really need to be cheered up.
However, I do have all of my limbs and a job.

Life the Universe and Television

skin03 Anyways…I got a commission for a piece of art a few days ago.


A couple of months ago my all-in one printer scanner combo broke. There was a print cartridge jam which I attempted to remedy by removing the current print cartridge and replacing it. This didn’t work so I checked for a paper jam (because that light was flashing as well). Once again nothing happened. I tried to restart the printer and after pressing the power button twice the weedy little thing refused to turn back on. So, for the past few months my printer has been setting in the corner of my room collecting dust while I mourn its loss and try to figure out how I’m going to replace it.

It would seem that all was lost until last Sunday. I grabbed the printer, set it in on my lap, and started poking around. I noticed that it rattled when I moved it. So, I opened the back up, nothing, I tipped it upside down and out fell a ink cartridge. Not the one I had placed in it months ago but a different one! I took it out, turned on the printer, and to my amazement the printer started up normally. I’m proud to say that both the print and scan functions work :yay: .

St. Valentine’s Day

What a holiday. Even though it is only 2:00am here it is on my mind. I suppose it is mostly because every time I bring up I’m greeted with their clever little logo, “Gxogle“. Last year this day I took a test in some class or another. This year I have to go to my fancy job.

It was so sweet to see men out yesterday buying loved ones flowers and big stuffed teddy bears and gorillas. To see people putting effort into relationships is heartwarming :heart: .

A rather fitting if not somewhat optimistic reproduction fortune cookie fortune.