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BronxI got some boots in the mail today. They are cute and sassy and no one will ever see me in them :no: . The box they came in has the sentence, “Using this box for keeping loveletters is So today,” on it. I found what it said to be humorous. I’ve never received a love letter. I certainly never got one in high school.

I’m keeping the box to store paper in. It is quite large maybe 15 x11 inches. Someday, If someone gives me a sweet card, letter, or anything with any heart in it that will be where it goes. Until then, I hope it enjoys copious amounts of soulless Recycled Laser Paper, 8 1/2″ x 11″.

Blue Leaves

Blue Leaves I created a tiled pattern called, Blue Leaves. It was for an interface I was making with corelDRAW and then I remembered how awful corelDRAW is. I have no idea how anyone can stand to use a program that’s main function is resizing everything indiscriminately.

Anyways, my other tiled/patterned things can be found here link

On to other topics I microwaved some curry for dinner last night. Except, it came out rather poorly. I just dropped a cube of curry roux in a bowl with water and hoped that it wouldn’t taste too bad. It was nearly edible :lol: . The weather is so warm and I was feeling lazy. Excessive work didn’t seem like a good idea.

How the World Ended in 6 Short Months

Okay, the world didn’t end. I’m being melodramatic. After being dumped, graduating, and being terrified by the recession it certainly feels like the world ended.

Not that I thought I was the only one or anything but I was pleased to see this article on Slate. Yes, there are plenty of families going through tough times but there are also people just starting out who went to college, are swamped with the debt from education, and can’t find work or work in constant fear of loosing their jobs.

Hi, mom and dad guess what? Until I turn 35 I’m going to have to live with you because, well, I only make $400 dollars a month and you should of heard what happened when I asked for more hours at work, anyways, do you think you could lend me some money?

Somehow, I was tricked into thinking that, if I go to university, life would be better for me, instead, I’m doing nearly the same job I had in school (except I’m technically making less money). I don’t even know if I regret it either…


journal Unfortunately, I’m entirely aware of the lack of visitors on this site. It’s probably for the best considering the inane and pointless drivel I type; however, I’ve decided to sell a little journal I designed the cover for on in the hopes that someone (other than my self) might purchase it and thereby support my desire not to be in the red in the following months.

Look, it’s quite lovely! Really, it has pages and an image on the cover…and for every journal that is purchased I make…$3.50.

Do I expect anyone to actually buy one? No. Not really. I’m just bored and the fast food places I’ve applied at to get a second job aren’t returning my calls Xp .

Fly Away

bubble Worked on this last night while I couldn’t sleep. I was up until at least 5am. Debt monsters threatened to chase me in my dreams. So, I parked myself in front of my computer and began to draw. Wanting to escape produced this I suppose.

Bubble is a simple vector drawing. It didn’t take very long to make so I’m sure you can see a lot of mistakes in the full view version. I wanted the girl in it to look sassy and kind of indifferent. Originally she wasn’t floating away with the bubble but I thought it would be a cute twist. Ignore the fact it is impossible ^^; . I’m rather pleased with the way it turned out, though, her hair and face reminds me a little of a monkey.

In General

I mentioned in a previous post that I had a relative in the hospital :link:. I was informed that everything was okay but now there is a little caveat. Something that was thought to not be a problem may be a problem and yet also might be nothing…