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Day Trip: Various Errands

Inbetween fixing this site, drawing, and being KO’d by migraines I managed to run some errands this week. I don’t go on vacations or do anything interesting; so, I’m qualifying today’s outing as a “day trip”. Today’s outing falls close to last years visit to the Quarry Hill Winery so the title feels right.

While out I stopped at a local restaurant which I never knew existed. It was a bar and grill with an interesting “something for everyone” menu. I actually felt a bit of déjà vu at the decor. The Tiffany style lamps and the dark stained beadboard had me thinking of another popular neighborhood restaurant but I suppose all bar and grills built in the 2000’s where furnished the same way. I was particular enamored with the slanted windows which angled outward. I shyly snapped a few photos.

Getting out of the house for something other than work was great, plus, I got a lot of stuff done, took some photos, and had a good meal.

Don’t worry though I’m headed back to the drawing tablet.

New Process


When I used to work on comics I would draw them all on a single page. The approach I’m taking now is to make them all in separate files and piecing them together later in Adobe Illustrator. Each method has it’s own set of problems.

When I worked on a single page I had to plan out everything. Even when I carefully planned out everything it never looked quite how I intended and I wasn’t really happy with the results.

The problem with drawing each panel individually is that I haven’t planned out how it’s going to fit together and it looks more like a very detailed animatic or some sort of sequential art . Since every panel isn’t going to be 1032×729 it requires a bit more editing than if I had just planned everything out properly.

However, working on each panel individually allows me have multiple finished pieces. Which makes me feel much more accomplished. Seven high quality panels to display is much nicer than one low quality comic page.

Now that I’ve switched servers and my hosting is functioning I can spend my time on completing my comics (and various other projects) rather than worrying about if I’m going to have to migrate to a new a host and how much that is going to cost me.

Almost Functioning


My web hosting is actually working.

After months of unstable hosting I’m getting 1.6-5.9 second load times instead of timing out constantly and being trapped mid wordpress updates. I’m shocked. I don’t know what to do. I can edit my theme…………… or just leave it as it is.

This August I’ve had the opportunity to work on some fun commissions. I’ll post more information on that when I get the “ok” to do so. Until then take a gander at this cropped image I’ve been improving.

Before | After

Again, thanks for putting up with the lack of updates while I sort everything out and try to finish up a few projects.