Day Trip: Various Errands

Inbetween fixing this site, drawing, and being KO’d by migraines I managed to run some errands this week. I don’t go on vacations or do anything interesting; so, I’m qualifying today’s outing as a “day trip”. Today’s outing falls close to last years visit to the Quarry Hill Winery so the title feels right.

While out I stopped at a local restaurant which I never knew existed. It was a bar and grill with an interesting “something for everyone” menu. I actually felt a bit of déjà vu at the decor. The Tiffany style lamps and the dark stained beadboard had me thinking of another popular neighborhood restaurant but I suppose all bar and grills built in the 2000’s where furnished the same way. I was particular enamored with the slanted windows which angled outward. I shyly snapped a few photos.

Getting out of the house for something other than work was great, plus, I got a lot of stuff done, took some photos, and had a good meal.

Don’t worry though I’m headed back to the drawing tablet.

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