rilakkuma thrash
The above image was not created by me…
it just accurately reflects how I feel.
Rilakkuma San-X

This October I’ve been busy with both commissions and events going on at home. I received around 45 commissions at the beginning of the month which was fairly shocking o.O (and a little overwhelming considering many had to be completed in just 10 days). I’m still working though a few and waiting for responses on others. I need a bit of a break, however, with the holidays coming up that just might not be possible.

I am grateful to be busy and have work though. It is much better than having no work :) .

Holiday Commission Deadline: December 12th.
Please get your requests in by this date. I may do a few last minute images but I won’t be working Christmas Eve, Christmas, or Boxing Day.

Thank you for understanding.

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