Thankfully, I have graduated officially! My diploma came in the mail yesterday. I have a cheap slip of paper with my name claiming I have earned a Bachelor of the Arts. Actually, I didn’t bother to read it. I stopped reading cursive in 5th grade (and other calligraphic fanciness). For all I know it says Gertrude Smith earned her Masters in Communication. Poor Gertrude. She’ll never know if she graduated :evil: .

alpaca Now, on to better things. I have a flickr account. I’ve managed to, despite a deficiency on my carrier’s part, upload pictures via my mobile. The pictures aren’t exactly quality. They resemble very grainy webcam pictures but if I see anything interesting like a peacock running through my backyard or a giant purple cow you can be sure it will be captured and uploaded. The photos that are there now are primarily from earlier excursions to the local alpaca farm.

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