OHAI! Multitasking!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated with a capstone, post, or random photos. My life has been busy recently and balancing it and work has precedence over blogging.

life + work > blogging

Now, after typing that, I have to say blogging capstones is one of my favorite things to do. I recognize that the accompanying text is less than thrilling but I imagine most visitors come here for the pretty pictures and giveaways :) .


If you’ve seen this post you know where I’ve been spending a bit of my time. In addition to that a friend got married! So, I had to search around for a dress. I settled on a blue midi tea dress with humming birds on it from asos.
Blue Midi Tea Dress Asos
It’s cute, comfy, modest and most importantly washable and dry-able!

I took a few photos at the wedding but as I have no idea how she would feel about them being posted here I won’t include them out of respect for her privacy.
Instead. Enjoy this photo of Elvis and R2D2.

The Giveaway

The winner of the winner of the second Iwako Eraser Puzzle Giveaway never came forward :( . I’ve been pondering what to do but it doesn’t seem fair to give the erasers away to someone else. So, I will keep the prizes around for a year, or until I hear back from the winner.

If you didn’t win, never fear, there are more erasers and another giveaway on the way. Trust me. These eraser puzzles practically grow on trees here.

Things to look forward to

+ Giveaways
+ Possible book sale haul (unless books cost more than a quarter)
+ Capstones
+ Blogging more than once a month (hopefully)

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