Unfinished Christmas Animation

December 24th, 2012 by KNK

Well, I didn’t have time for the Christmas animation this year. Too much time was spent elsewhere (commissions) and when I did have a chance to work on it the animation tools proved woefully inadequate. I’m including some stills (finished and unfinished) in this post in lieu of a finished project. It isn’t as good but I hope everyone likes them anyways :3 .

cookieshousesm_site cookies_site cookiedesk_site cookiescreen_site ovendancesite cookiesovendance3_site

You can also see the animation of the house on my Youtube channel moongemdotcom.
It isn’t much but it was as far as I got using CreaToon 3.0 which along with Adobe Flash Professional CS6 is one of the easier (and yet also confounding) animation tools I’ve used :P .

That’s all! Happy Holidays! I’m going to start cooking and maybe turn on some Christmas music…or maybe work on some artwork…

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