TARDIS vs. Dalek Salt and Pepper Shakers

snowy doctor who

I tried to take a photo of the Christmas present my dad got me in the snow, but, as it was freezing outside and I haven’t a tripod, this was the best I could manage.


It looks a bit like a colorized version of the classic Doctor Who series if you squint your eyes.

So, photography at 2 AM isn’t my forte, but the ceramic TARDIS and Dalek are rather adorable and being that they are ceramic I think I’ll set them on a shelf to admire rather than to season my meal. I’ll just need to invest it a shelf first :P . I’m delighted with the pair and now I need to find my Sixth Doctor action figure.

ThinkGeek is sold out so I’m not sure where my dad got them but I imagine it was Books A Million or the local toy store.

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