la lune et le chat

Prints and Tee’s now available on redbubble!

I’ve been a bit busy lately with work. Not freelance but a job with [redacted]. The work is part-time, so I still have a bit of time to work on my own projects and freelance. However, I have to be a little more selective these days. I take very few fiverr gigs but almost all reasonable commission requests via are accepted.

I’ve also reopened the donations. I don’t expect to receive any but I’m finding it difficult to afford the monthly fee for Adobe Creative Cloud (I just can’t seem to make enough money to buy Illustrator outright).

As seen at the top of the post I’ve added a print to redbubble. I’m hoping to get them printed in bulk and sell them myself but I never know if anything will sell (I still have a bunch of baby hippo pins if any one is interested).

I’m in a lot better place since my panic post in March.

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