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I Saw This Blog…

I frequently peruse blogs. Most of them are these gorgeous sites that update regularly, are stylish, and have interesting photos of cute things. They are usually run by young women of a similar age bracket to that of my own. I often desire the items they post. It’s embarrassing but they actually influence what I buy.

Except, I’m not like them at all. I obviously don’t have the skill to design a beautiful layout, I can barely manage a post a month, and when I do the content is of a questionable nature.

And on that note…
I recently stopped by one such blog and found this:link:. A cute Valentine’s bear plate from Target. So adorable. I ran out and bought it right away as well as a plastic tumbler.

Bear Plate

Plastic Heart Tumbler

Unfortunately, the tumbler is cracked. Something which I must have overlooked in the store :( . You can actually see the crack running down the middle of the tumbler in the full sized photo. I’ll be returning it for a new one shortly I hope.

This has added to my collection of things I don’t really need from Target. Another can be seen in the background of the above photos :link:.

Browsing blogs is so useful :joy:.

Paid Advertisements

Recently the Federal Trade Commission created rules that require bloggers to disclose paid endorsements for products :link: .

I wish I had this problem but I don’t. I neither have followers nor have I received any money from anyone. I attempted to use to earn a profit from people following links to my site about specific products I like at Plasticland. I never earned any money so I just removed it. I still will likely post links of things I like from Plasticland and Mod Cloth… but I’m not an affiliate. I don’t earn any money. This site is solely supported by my part-time minimum wage job.

journal If you would like to help a poor starving artist/ blogger out you can purchase a crappy journal I put almost no effort into from :link: .

What’s that? You don’t want my journal? (That’s okay, I don’t want one either.)

So, now that I’ve cleared the air about that. I must say I would love to get free stuff from the following websites:

The only problem being is that I’m honest and I will tell people if your products suck.