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TARDIS vs. Dalek Salt and Pepper Shakers

snowy doctor who

I tried to take a photo of the Christmas present my dad got me in the snow, but, as it was freezing outside and I haven’t a tripod, this was the best I could manage.


It looks a bit like a colorized version of the classic Doctor Who series if you squint your eyes.

So, photography at 2 AM isn’t my forte, but the ceramic TARDIS and Dalek are rather adorable and being that they are ceramic I think I’ll set them on a shelf to admire rather than to season my meal. I’ll just need to invest it a shelf first :P . I’m delighted with the pair and now I need to find my Sixth Doctor action figure.

ThinkGeek is sold out so I’m not sure where my dad got them but I imagine it was Books A Million or the local toy store.

Sarah Jane Smith The Arc in Space

Babelcolour Tribute: Tears for Sarah Jane
(thanks to @84summers for the link)





Happy New Year

The Adventures of Amelia

I’ve been drawing some adventures for Amelia Pond to go on as a child. Calvin and Hobbesish. She speaks of Amy and the Raggedy Doctor’s travels… I probably won’t upload. I envision my job getting more painful as my boss has began openly complaining about my ability to my slightly subordinate coworkers. So, I suppose I’ll have to do better than my best to continue to earn less then the rest. Joy.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone. This year I’ve been working on several Doctor Who related gifts so I’ve been kind of busy. I wanted to make a capstone for my visitors as well. So here it is Matt Smith and Karen Gillan…and also Rilakkuma for some reason.