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Paid Advertisements

Recently the Federal Trade Commission created rules that require bloggers to disclose paid endorsements for products :link: .

I wish I had this problem but I don’t. I neither have followers nor have I received any money from anyone. I attempted to use to earn a profit from people following links to my site about specific products I like at Plasticland. I never earned any money so I just removed it. I still will likely post links of things I like from Plasticland and Mod Cloth… but I’m not an affiliate. I don’t earn any money. This site is solely supported by my part-time minimum wage job.

journal If you would like to help a poor starving artist/ blogger out you can purchase a crappy journal I put almost no effort into from :link: .

What’s that? You don’t want my journal? (That’s okay, I don’t want one either.)

So, now that I’ve cleared the air about that. I must say I would love to get free stuff from the following websites:

The only problem being is that I’m honest and I will tell people if your products suck.


journal Unfortunately, I’m entirely aware of the lack of visitors on this site. It’s probably for the best considering the inane and pointless drivel I type; however, I’ve decided to sell a little journal I designed the cover for on in the hopes that someone (other than my self) might purchase it and thereby support my desire not to be in the red in the following months.

Look, it’s quite lovely! Really, it has pages and an image on the cover…and for every journal that is purchased I make…$3.50.

Do I expect anyone to actually buy one? No. Not really. I’m just bored and the fast food places I’ve applied at to get a second job aren’t returning my calls Xp .