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Don’t Get Caught

Time Travel - Don't Get Caught


Apparently some travelers have been escaping their guides and disregarding guidelines.


techi As a child I had a time machine in my basement. Unfortunately, it didn’t travel anywhere. It was likely grounded by the Timelords. They must have viewed me as a threat. Maybe I was mettling too much with the natural progression of societies or something equally silly.

My time machine was not transdimensional. If it was the the bit of space that the interior occupied elsewhere was approximately equal to the dimensions of the exterior. Thus, if it was transdimensional it was quite a silly. Unless, that is, we jettisoned the other rooms in order to increase temporary energy reserves to divert power to a necessary ship function such as life support or propulsion . . .

It closely resembled a refrigerator box that someone had cut a door in :laugh: . It was often invaded by large scary monsters despite being grounded. Most of these were fell by rolled up newspapers; however, some did manage to escape.