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TARDIS vs. Dalek Salt and Pepper Shakers

snowy doctor who

I tried to take a photo of the Christmas present my dad got me in the snow, but, as it was freezing outside and I haven’t a tripod, this was the best I could manage.


It looks a bit like a colorized version of the classic Doctor Who series if you squint your eyes.

So, photography at 2 AM isn’t my forte, but the ceramic TARDIS and Dalek are rather adorable and being that they are ceramic I think I’ll set them on a shelf to admire rather than to season my meal. I’ll just need to invest it a shelf first :P . I’m delighted with the pair and now I need to find my Sixth Doctor action figure.

ThinkGeek is sold out so I’m not sure where my dad got them but I imagine it was Books A Million or the local toy store.

Unfinished Christmas Animation

Well, I didn’t have time for the Christmas animation this year. Too much time was spent elsewhere (commissions) and when I did have a chance to work on it the animation tools proved woefully inadequate. I’m including some stills (finished and unfinished) in this post in lieu of a finished project. It isn’t as good but I hope everyone likes them anyways :3 .

cookieshousesm_site cookies_site cookiedesk_site cookiescreen_site ovendancesite cookiesovendance3_site

You can also see the animation of the house on my Youtube channel moongemdotcom.
It isn’t much but it was as far as I got using CreaToon 3.0 which along with Adobe Flash Professional CS6 is one of the easier (and yet also confounding) animation tools I’ve used :P .

That’s all! Happy Holidays! I’m going to start cooking and maybe turn on some Christmas music…or maybe work on some artwork…

Christmas Cards



corgichristmas_japanese_gem penguinchristmas_japanese_gem

HO HO HO! I can’t believe I forgot to release these earlier! They are for Christmas cards, to put at the top of your site, you can print them and decorate too!! Penguins and corgis in English and Japanese :3 . You can use, share, and remix these images just attribute the work to me :) .


Holiday Photo


Hey guys! I’ve been busy with commissions but I did manage to get the Christmas tree up. I think it looks pretty nice on the table. It’s a little short otherwise.

I did have plans to make a Christmas animation this year but most of the free tools are difficult at best so I don’t have very much completed. Just a few stills. I still might release something on Christmas Eve but I keep getting orders in even though I closed commissions down for the holiday :P .
**If you head on over to the patterns page there are a few additions to the patterns you can use for backgrounds. **